Powerful Moments in Context

Our cameras and lenses are physical tools that we use to capture the tangible aspects of an image. People, places, and things in a given moment in time. They take those aspects of the scene and convert it into a digital format that can later be viewed and reproduced. Our gear doesn’t do anything else and doesn’t define us as professional photographers. What defines us is being able to build a relationship of trust with our clients where they are comfortable around us. What defines us is being able to give our clients an experience, to create a space where powerful moments can happen. A space where we can capture not only the tangible elements of the scene, but also the intangibles; the emotions, love, and intimacy between people. The story of those images then becomes more than that of technical excellence; they represent something deeper. It’s about the story behind the image, the feelings at the time, or experiencing the connection between the people in them.

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Behind the Scenes with 6:8 Photography

Seeing is believing. Watch a short video of what it’s like working with Kevan and Duane from a wedding commission with Zoe & Quinn.